Data Science For Health (DS4H)

Image Alignment Tool

Freely available ImageJ/Fiji plugin to align multimodal 2D images


Data Science for Health (DS4H) Image Alignment is a user-friendly tool freely provided as an ImageJ/Fiji plugin. With DS4H Image Alignment, partially overlapping multimodal images can be easily co-registered according to several automatic, semi-automatic, manual (by defining with a few clicks some common reference marks) modalities. The implemented least-squares method automatically approximates the solution of the mathematical overdetermined system, so to define the registration matrix then used for aligning the different 2D images. It also considers rotations and scale changes in case the images to be aligned are dilated/shrinked. Finally, it provides an iterative subroutine for a fine alignment, to give the opportunity to always improve the image co-registration quality.


DS4H Image Alignment has been implemented in Java as a plugin for ImageJ/Fiji. It works with the most medical image Bio-Formats.


DS4H Image Alignment VERSION 1.0 - 2023 (for Win, MAC, Linux).

DS4H Image Alignment VERSION 0.9 - 2019 (for Win).


Copyright (C) 2019, the Data Science for Health (DS4H) group. All rights reserved.

Image Alignment and the material available on the Image Alignment website is licensed under the: GNU General Public License version 3


We thanks all the University Students that helped in this project. In particular:


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